Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello Beauties! 

I've left you in the dark for way too long! I apologize! When I finished writing back in April I had plans of leaving you with an exit note detailing my plans for an new, and more authentic site. Unfortunately, as with most things when it comes to me, I let it go for too long and then figured that it would be best to simply announce the new site once it was ready. And that day is finally here! 

Welcome, my new online persona, per se. I have felt disconnected from The Pretty Vain for quite some time now and have hopes that this new identity will revive my passion for writing. With it comes a whole new side of my life including style posts, playlists, as well as personal writings. And of course I could never forget my favourite topic: beauty. 

I hope that you'll join me on this new journey!
And don't forget to follow my new social media links!!
Twitter: @yungbrattyb
Instagram: @amymckissock
Pinterest: @thebrattyb

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for always being supportive of my growth and change, and giving me a wonderful sense of community. I have so much love for all of you! Please keep in touch! xo

AMY,     XO