Tuesday, February 17, 2015


By now I'm sure we've all seen Fifty Shades of Grey – hell, even some of my guy friends have gone. I was lucky enough to catch a pre-screening held by Make Up For Ever last Wednesday, and even got my hands on their Desire Me Cheek Kit[*]($56), curated with Victoria Dawn, head of makeup for the movie. I didn't find the movie all that amazing – truly there was no story, however Jamie Dornan looked all kids of great, and I did appreciate the makeup. I have since fallen madly in love with the Make Up For Ever x Fifty Shades of Grey Collection. Swoon. Each time I test out a new kit from this collection I am surprised by how stunning, pigmented, and versatile it is.

This is especially true of the Desire Me Cheek Kit, a two piece set featuring three Artist Shadow Blushes and a travel-sized Precision Blush Brush 150, all held within a velvet pouch. The blushes include shades:
  • I-526 – a pearl beige with slight pink undertones and an iridescent finish.
  • I-808 – described as an english pink with an iridescent finish.
  • S-748 – a bright coral with a satin finish. 
Each shade is intensely pigmented, and therefore requires a light hand for application – just look at the swatches below!! This is where the travel-sized Precision Blush Brush 150 proves to be the hidden star of this kit, as it delivers the perfect amount of colour every time. I've owned quite a few of the Artisan Brushes by Make Up For Ever and have truly enjoyed every one of them. I'm sure that when I update my brush kit later this year I'll be purchasing quite a few of them. That said, having these smaller versions in my collection is great, especially for traveling.

I'm hopeful that I can finally track down one of the larger pro pans that Make Up For Ever sells so that I can condense my collection into one palette. Although this kit was created for the cheeks, I will definitely be using the bright coral shade, S-748, to jump on the bright eyeshadow bandwagon come spring. Just another reason this palette is so incredible. If you haven't check out the Make Up For Ever x Fifty Shades of Grey Collection yet I highly suggest you do, and the Desire Me Cheek Kit is the perfect place to start. Especially for those who already love the Artist Shadows.
Swatched L-R . I-526, I-808, and S-748
Did you hit the theatre for Fifty Shades Of Grey this weekend?

AM¥      XO

[*]The item in this post has been sent to THE PRETT¥ VAIN for purpose of review. All views expressed reflect my own opinion on the product. For additional information please see the Disclaimer.


  1. those colours are absolutely gorgeous!
    I especially love I-526


    1. I love that shade as well! It works beautifully as a highlighter on the cheekbone, or as a eyeshadow!!
      It gives off ice princess vibes slightly :)

  2. I thought this was an eyeshadow palette when I first saw it! Although I'm sure its lovely for the cheeks, I too, would use that coral colour for my eyes. It is stunning! I've used a few cheek colours as eyeshadow and they work fine for me. I've never tried Make Up Forever products but I have been eyeing them at Sephora..I will definitely check out their display next time I'm there. Thanks for the post!

    1. That's the best part about the Artist Shadows, they can be used as eyeshadows or blushes! I just need to find a larger pro palette to hold them all within!!

  3. This are all such stunning shades! I can't get over how pigmented they are, as well. x


    1. I know, so pigmented! It's crazy!

  4. It's a pretty palette. I haven't seen the movie yet x

    1. The movie is quite riskayyyy! All women will enjoy hehe :)