Monday, December 29, 2014


This week has been riddled with an over indulgent mindset, a lack of motivation, self-destructive actions and repetition  – tell-tale signs to any outsider that change is necessary. But I wasn't quick to make that connection. Turns out that it takes waking up from a 24+ hour sleep marathon for me to figure out that I desperately needed to get my ass in gear and take control of my life. So I threw on Schemin' Up by OB O'Brien ft. Drake & P.Reign and began my resolve  – whose to say that I have to wait till January 1st to start my body, mind & soul revolution?


 Stop eating like a piece of shit  – if the whole 'you are what you eat' thing is true then I'm surprised that more people aren't running from the blob of cheese, bread and potatoes that I've become. It's taken a major toll on my skin, leaving it dull, dehydrated and lifeless. This year I will become one with kale – and no, buying this Kale Sweatshirt seen in Beyoncé's 7/11 video does not suffice.

 Just because the nail tech wants you to don a sparkly pink does not mean you say yes  – I've struggled with this all my life – letting the opinions of those around me dictate what I choose, especially with beauty. But here's the thing: I want monochromatic nails that rarely trail from the black/white spectrum, I want to wear lilac lipstick on a Tuesday, and most of all I want to layer on 'mountains of makeup' despite the fact that you think I look better without it.

 Embrace your natural texture  – For years I've blow-dried my hair after every shower, followed by heat-styling and lots of hairspray. In my week of laziness I've come to realize that air-drying not only saves a lot of time and effort, but it can also result in a completely chic look as long as the correct products are used – I'm looking at you,  Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. Now if I can also remember to get a chop every few months to keep it healthy.

 Tell yourself you are beautiful. Every. Single. Day.  – This has become so difficult in the social society we live in – constantly comparing ourselves on instagram, yearning for likes, fawning over that picture perfect life. Does is all really matter? Beauty is so much more than a facade coming to you over wifi – remember that!


 Accessories keep you fierce and ferocity is great   – I absolutely love accessories, have hoards, and yet I rarely wear them unless I'm going out at night. That all changes for 2015. No matter where I'm headed, even if it's just for my monthly wax, I will accessorize and I will look fierce! 

 Shopping for clothes should be an adventure  – I'm bored and it's showing in my recent fashion choices. I can recall years ago scouring the vintage racks of Toronto with friends – now I simply scour the internet, stuffing my face with food. 2015 will be heavily filled with days of outstanding vintage finds and memorable moments with quirky fashionista's like What T Loves – and of course sprinkled with the occassional instagram-worthy latté.


 Adventures and photography go hand in hand  – I need to discover my city – aka tackling a lot of blogTO lists, taking a foreign route home, and surrounding myself with adventure-loving friends. But most importantly, taking 100's of photos to document my remaining 20's – and not 'just for the gram'. This has been made much more exciting thanks to a Christmas gift from my parents, the olloclip #selfie 3-in-1 lens – a lens, which clips onto your iPhone giving you instant access to a fish eye, wide angle and macro lens. 

 Life is strange, people grow, feelings change, nothing really lasts  – 'But my god, while we're here can we just live in the moment. If the shit ain't real I don't want it.' J.Cole always seems to deliver lyrics that express everything I'm feeling. Simply put – be present.

Have you been schemin' up for 2015?

AM¥     XO


  1. I need to wear accessories more too! I don't know why, but once I get dressed I always forget to add other pieces to the outfit.

    1. Me too and it's such a shame because I feel we all invest in them!!

  2. I really love this post. Each year, november and december make me think about all this really true résolution. I'm in the same mood. Be present, that's my problem, I'm not !!! Each year, I tried to be more simple in my beauty routine, my food, my time, my work....I have to eliminate all négative or no essential stress and come-back to happy and zen way of Life ;-) we can do it xxx

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :). We can definitely do it this year, just gotta focus and be present! So huge!

      Wishing you all the best :)

  3. Love these, Amy!
    I definitely need to embrace my natural texture as well.... but it's SO HARD to break the habit.

    Happy New Year!

    xo Sharon | under the blush

    1. Thanks girl! I bet your natural texture is gorgeous too! Go with the flowwwww!


  4. I love how you put tell yourself your beautiful everyday! That is a great one to do! :)

    1. It's so important! Especially in our society now where we are constantly comparing ourselves. Beauty is on the inside and I really do think that's what our outlook needs to be. (But feeling good on the outside helps too) hehe