Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Earlier this week I expressed my deep love for the MAC Viva Glamourous Lip Palette from their holiday collection [post seen here]. Well, I also bought one other palette from the Keepsakes Collection and unfortunately, while the packaging was beautiful the product itself wasn't all that. The MAC Beige Eyes Eyeshadow Palette ($47.50) is an 8-pan palette with warm-toned, neutral shades. It looks beautiful, inside and out. The black glitter somehow reads chic, and the cameo reminds me of my Mom. But the beads decorating the edges are rubber, meaning they are easily going to break off with the way I treat me belongings :|. The palette itself is also extremely small – each shadow is only 0.014oz, while they were 0.14oz the two previous years. 

In terms of looking good on the inside, the shadows themselves present nicely in the pan – the shades work together well and there are a variety of finishes. Unfortunately they just don't live up to their pan glory – the majority of them are chalky and difficult to work with, and the first shade wouldn't even swatch on my arm. 

Her Mistress – a 'soft pastel egg' with a matte finish. This shade did not even swatch on my arm.
Sweet Sovereign –  a 'frosty gold champagne' with a lustre finish. This was one of the better shades, and I'm sure that it would look stunning with the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre LongWear Luminous Eyeshadow in Emmervielle as a base. 
Faire Maiden – a 'bright coppering gold' with a lustre finish. Another one of the decent shades, but it too definitely needs a colour base or primer. 
Tempting -– a 'sinfully rich coco' with a luster finish. This is my favourite shade from the palette and thankfully it performs well too. And lucky for me it's part of the permanent range. 
Omega – a 'soft muted beige taupe'. with a matte finish. Known as the 'brow shade' for blonde/light brunette girls everywhere, also part of the permanent range.
Quintessential  – a 'dirty olive' with a frost finish. I kind of love this shadow – it gives off the 'wet' look, without the use of vaseline and the olive undertones are stunning.
Mystery – a 'muted plum brown' with a satin finish. A dreaded shadow – bad colour payoff and not blendable. 
Night Whisper – a 'rich black brown' with a velet finish, albeit not so rich. Again this shadow had horrible pigmentation and was so difficult to work with. 

So although the packaging is beautiful and alluring, I would advise you to stay clear of this bad seed. There are far better palettes to purchase!

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  1. It;s so sad such a pretty palette had terrible payoff.

  2. Oh no! I had such high hopes for this collection and in particular this palette since it just looks so amazing! Thanks for an honest review. At least it looks pretty...

    Ivory Avenue